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Court Related Services


Supervised Visitation and Neutral Exchanges

I am  approved as a provider for this service through the Travis County Domestic Relations Office Kids Exchange Program. Visitation and exchange services assist children and their parents during divorce and separation to assure that custodial or visitation terms are being met.

I also help bridge the gap with parents looking to re-establish a relationship with their child or children and in situations where the child may need to go with the other parent without the parents meeting or having contact. I provide visitation and exchange services in my office or in the community. If you would like to know more about The Travis County Kids Exchange Program click below.

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Adoption Home Studies for couples, single adults and families may be found by clicking this link to Texas Adoption Home Studies. TAHS is a statewide provider of adoption home studies serving all urban and rural areas of the state.

Parent Facilitation and Parent Coordination

I am a trained Parent Facilitator and Parent Coordinator and have completed the 40-hour basic mediation program offered by the Dispute Resolution Center in Austin.  Parent Facilitators and Coordinators are utilized to help parties of divorce or separation with the difficulties associated with high conflict situations. Mediation and parent education are some of the skills used to help families.

Please contact my office to see about my availability for an appointment, and before including me in a court order. Please feel free to contact me for specific fees and rates.