Adoption Joys

Posted on: October 6th, 2011

One area of my practice includes writing home studies for parent’s adopting a child. This child can be an identified child such as a relative or stepchild or, a family hoping to be matched with a birth mother who is placing her unborn baby up for adoption. I even do international reports for families adopting overseas. A portion of my practice is devoted to second parent adoptions in families with two mom’s or two dad’s to help protect the legal rights of their children.

This work takes me all over the state including Houston and Dallas and sometimes other parts of Texas. I have my Dallas routine down! I wake up on a Saturday at the crack of dawn, head to ABIA, get on the cattle call at SW airlines, pick up my rental car at Love Field and drive to the home visit. I meet with my families for their visit and then head back home the same day. Whew! Fun, but tiring I must say.

One of the joys of this work is seeing couples who cannot conceive a child after years of trying, become matched with a birth mother and baby. I worked with them as they came to accept the fact they could not conceive their own child and then when they have the newborn or child they always wanted. There is really no better experience than this in all that I do. I always tell my adoptive families with whom I work “Your child will find you. They always do!”

Be well,