Co-Parenting and Divorce

Posted on: August 9th, 2011

In my clinical practice I often work with families of divorce who are struggling in co-parenting their children. Communication between divorced or divorcing parents is vital for the emotional health of their own children. Studies continually show that the children whose parents have healthy communication patterns in the months following divorce, fare much better than children of whose parents do not. Here are a few tips that have helped divorced partners improve their communication between each other:

1. Taking an interest in and containing your own emotions will naturally lead to more effective communication with one another.
2. Let go of the personal conflict and focus on what is best for your child or children.
3. Recognize the importance of finishing what was started when you had your children, even though you’re no longer together.
4. Stay focused on child and parenting issues, avoiding personal issues such as who’s dating who and who said what about whom.
5. Focus on the “business of parenting” rising above pettiness and the need to be right.

Remember that reducing conflict between parents greatly reduces your child’s anxiety and that over time a child will fare much better. That is the best gift you can give your family post separation and divorce.
Take Care and Be Well,