The Mural and An Author

Posted on: July 20th, 2011

Hi Friends,
The Deep Eddy Mural is close to being ready for grouting and sealing in the next week or two. It is all very exciting to see it all come together and the last bits of mosaic, and glasswork put in place. This image is not the best but shows you what the latter section is looking like.

Deep Eddy Mural Goodness

There are several volunteers each night and I have enjoyed getting know each and every one of them. One the volunteers who came up with the concept of a mural on the wall, Leila Levinson, has been working next to me on several occassions. Leila is an author of a book available on Amazon, Gated Grief.

On her website, Leila says that after the death of her father, a WWII U.S. Army doctor, she discovered a concealed box of shocking photos he had taken of a Nazi slave-labor camp.

She learned that her father suffered a breakdown after treating the camp’s survivors. She was compelled to seek out and interview dozens of WWII veterans who also liberated Nazi Concentration camps.

What I find fascinating about this story is the trauma of War being handed down from parent to child. So much art therapy is being done with veterans and I think it’s important to remember we can’t forget the children of these vets who suffer from PTSD as well.

I look forward to inviting everyone to the celebration of the mural in September. Take care,
Be Well,